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Being able to communicate with the club’s players in a secure, personal and direct way, are the keys to ensuring that our messages reach our customers, are valued and read.

If you were to ask us what more we could ask of a communications system to make succes, we would tell you that it should be multi-channel, that it should reach mobile phones and email.

Many of you are using whatsapp to communicate with clients, but we are all aware of the security and legal problems that its use entails due to the lack of specific acceptance from clients.

For weeks, we have been working on completing our email marketing platform with new features that we will present in another newsletters. But today, we would like to talk about mobile notifications.

Until now, our platform already allowed us to personalise the messages for each client by customising the language, personalising them for each user with their name, adapting them to the image of each club or creating the messages in MJML, which makes them more deliverable and allows them to arrive in the user’s mailbox without being considered SPAM.

Today we can also make your bookings reach the players’ mobile phones, and they can automatically add them to their wallets. A big step forward! Just think that your statistics say that: more than 75% of users book and consult their bookings from their mobile phones. In addition, on some devices, such as Android, which 65% of your users use, we can include promotional images of complementary products, membership campaigns or sponsorship agreements.

You can also, as we already do by email, create automated notifications to each player’s mobile phone to remind them that they are playing tomorrow, or carry out surveys after playing, congratulate them on their birthday, promotions in the proshop, etc.

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If you want to know these new features in depth, we invite you to our “inOne talks”, where Samuel del Val and Javier Romero will update us on this and many more new features on March 10th at 16:00 hours (GTM Madrid).

If you are interested, register here or book a private talk with them in this link.


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