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Many times in our clubs, we implement processes for the collection of data from our players and many of us are already aware of the importance of having a large database of contacts, but also sometimes these processes, due to lack of control or because these processes are not entirely thorough, we make mistakes in the collection of data that complicate the correct exploitation of these databases.

What can we do if we don’t have a correct database in email marketing actions?

When we send an email from our email, it travels from “node to node” until it reaches its recipient. These nodes called “Email Service Providers” and it applies various policies to protect their recipients. When we send similar emails over time or send a lot of emails, for example booking confirmations, these policies are more severe.

Today, we would like to talk about domain reputation and its importance in our email marketing campaigns.

For ESPs, when we send bulk emails, bounced emails or those that are considered SPAM will be indicators that our domain is more or less reliable, and when this happens, that is, if we send many emails that do not reach their recipients and are bounced, all emails sent from an account can be considered SPAM.

In the long run, domains that are not efficient in the management of their databases will be included in what is known in the sector as the black list, and the emails sent will not reach their recipients.

At inOne we serve hundreds of thousands of emails from our customers every month, and we are very aware of the importance of this, so we apply various actions to send them in the best way.

Did you know that you can import your contact databases into our CRM and we will inform you how many of them have the right emails and which ones don’t?

Did you know that we control bounced recipients or those who consider you as SPAM so that you don’t send them emails again?

Do you know that when a user signs up through a form or on your tee sheet, we check that their email address is correct before adding them to your CRM?

Do you know that your emails are automatically personalised with the name of each recipient, in their language and with the design of your club so that ESPs do not consider them as SPAM?

Do you know that we create your emails in MJML, a specific language for sending emails, to increase their deliverability?

Did you know that you can create email and newsletter templates easily with our tool?

We apply more than 30 different actions in the process of capturing contacts in our CRM and in the sending of emails so that they are effective in generating your database, this allows us to create email marketing campaigns with a high percentage of deliverability and email opening.

If you need us to help you in the creation of your campaigns or to explain how inOne can help you in the management of your databases, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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