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Managing a golf club is not an easy task and gathering information regarding sales, bookings, budgets, marketing actions, advertising investment or reputation, among others, can usually be challenging and frustrating.

Thanks to thepanel you can do it in real time, in an automatic and direct way.

Detailed budget

To manage your club, it is paramount to know the level of budget fulfilment, as well as the performance of each area and possible deviations, so you can compare your budget with previous years. All of this is possible now thanks to thepanel, in an easy an automatic way.

Total control

How many green fees were purchased last year at the same date? Was it rainy? Was it hot? Which tour operator contributes the most to your sales mix? Which market is the most important one this month? Thanks to thepanel, you can know all of this and much more with just one click.

Just one click

Future bookings is one of the main indicators that every manager likes to check. When are those bookings? During what time of the year do you have more reservations? What types of bookings are made? What tour operators are the most important ones in the UK? And in Germany? thepanel allows you to know it all with just one click, connected directly to your CRM.

Customised information

Create a control panel that adjusts to your club easily. Everything is configurable and changeable, like in your CRM: including VAT or not, using groups, families, areas, etcetera.

DATA in real time

Make decisions based on data obtained in real time. Forget all about outdated and complicated Excel spreadsheets, just access the Panel, check your KPI’s and decide.

Improve your reputation

Get to know what users say about your club in TripAdvisor, Google Business, Leading Courses, and inOne Index and take action. All in just one index, in an easy and automatic way.

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