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Online sales of golf products have increased during the last months. Players seek products online, compare them and make a purchase without leaving their home, so golf clubs need to create an online channel to avoid losing proshop sales.

eshop is the e-commence solution for you. You can create your online store connected to your CRM, managing a single stock, and centralising all management in your usual CRM.

Automatic importation

Import products through eshop and forget all about uploading product images and descriptions. Use our catalogue solution to import all the products you want from your main providers in an easy and automatic way.

Synchronise your stock

Don’t worry about updating stocks in your online store and proshop, thanks to eshop both will always be synchronised both ways. Create products in your CRM and export the ones you want to sell online with just one click.

Monitor your sales

Would you like to know which products are sold the most? Which ones are the most profitable? Which ones are about to break stock? With eshop you can know everything in your operator panel, at all times and always updated in real time.

Special fees

With eshop you can generate special fees for partners or members of the club, depending on how they are categorized in your CRM.

Connection with providers

Integrate your suppliers to the eshop, choose among the catalogues of partner providers or incorporate your own. Just request it and we’ll do it for free.

Delivery included

Use inOne’s agreements with the main delivery companies so you do not have to worry about delivering your products or include your local partners.

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