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It is the perfect marketing platform for your club, connected directly with your CRM, it performs segmentations by contact lists, tags, languages… generating a database synchronised with your booking manager

Automated Respon

With xendby forget about replying to messages one by one, create automatisms and let our system send messages directly to your users, when you decide, when your user buys or books a green fee, on their birthday, sending them offers of complementary products to the ones they have already bought. Always easy and automatic


Each sending with xendby generates statistics, usage statistics, sending statistics, opening statistics… learn them and generate more effective and efficient campaigns.

Choose the best time to send your messages, create A/B tests, check which subject works best…

Personalised emails

All your users are not the same, why send the same message to all of them? With xendby you can generate automated campaigns and segment your audiences, every time a new user registers in your CRM, they will be automatically included in the generated audience and will receive a personalised email.


Email Service Provider

xendby is an Email Service Provider that will allow you to send bulk emails without your messages being categorised as SPAM or blacklisting your domain.



Create with our wizard HTML emails adapted to the identity of your Club or use the templates that we upload every month in our manager.


If your users don’t open your messages, don’t give up, create emails with automated phases and send a second message, only to those who didn’t open the second one

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