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Knowing the opinion of your clients is the best way to discover your strengths and weaknesses, so launching automatic surveys, analysing statistics, and knowing your users’ opinion in detail are a must nowadays. With insurveys, creating surveys and asking your clients and partners about your club has never been easier.

Get valuations

With insurveys it’s easy to create multiple choice, rating and yes or no questions, using stars, smiley faces, or numbers. Just design the survey and choose an audience, inOne will do the rest.

Satisfaction surveys

Thanks to insurveys you can also design NPS questions and send them automatically to players the first time they go to your club for a round of golf. It is the perfect indicator to know the client satisfaction level and their opinion about the club.

Accurate opinions

With insurveys you will have statistics not only of each survey, but also of each individual question. This way, you can launch a survey regarding a business unit and evaluate each aspect, service or product that compose it separately. Choose the best time to send your surveys, create A/B tests, check which email subject works better and study the statistics to improve every day.

Direct opinions

insurveys is connected to your CRM, so every time a player answers a survey the responses are added to the player’s profile and your staff receives a notification.

Automatic surveys

Create surveys and schedule them to be sent whenever you want or launch them right away. You can send them to a particular player, a contact list or your entire audience.

360 surveys

Generate surveys and send them by email or lead the users to a website where they can answer them.

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