Learn how to determine if your campaigns are bringing benefits to the club

When it comes to understanding our databases, it’s very important to have information about the origin of our leads, how they came to us, what our sources of contacts are, and which medium contributes more or less to our business.

A brief analysis of the origins or sources of our contacts or sales provides us with a wealth of information about our club and our marketing actions.

Don’t have contacts generated through your website at your club? Perhaps you should perform an analysis of your SEO positioning.

The number of new direct players and, along with them, the number of direct reservations is perhaps one of the main indicators of the success of your marketing actions.

It is also necessary to have information about the contacts that email marketing campaigns or paid media actions bring to our CRM.

On countless occasions, we carry out campaigns to attract new players or sell green fees in specific markets and, in the end, we do not have information on how many contacts have come to us through these actions. How can the CRM help our marketing department understand whether the campaigns are efficient or not?

inOne already has an informative panel where you can check how your investment brings you reservations or contacts to your club, your budget, the costs per contact, or the performance of each campaign.

Now, this information is also included in the CRM, so you can have this information for each contact or sale, thus making the information for each player much more complete, and making it possible to generate campaigns and automations according to their origin, knowing exactly which campaign brings the most benefits to the club.

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