We are launching green fee reservation notifications via wallet

Managing communication with players is an essential task that requires a multi-channel strategy and not just a single channel. Currently, golf players prefer to use their mobile devices as a means of communication, which means that clubs must have tools that allow them to effectively and timely notify their players about the most relevant messages. In summary, the ability to adapt to the communication preferences of golf players is essential for maintaining an effective and satisfactory relationship with them.

As a solution to this need, at inOne, we have launched reservation notifications via wallet. Now, clubs can add this service to all reservation confirmations.

Our CTO, Alejandro Gonzalez, has highlighted some of the advantages of this new notification system: “Confirmation emails managed with our platform allow for different messages to be created for club members or occasional players, promoting different services for each one, informing them on how to get to the club if it’s their first time playing, or the weather conditions for their game day. But now, they also allow for the creation of wallet-type cards that each player can download to their mobile device automatically, depending on their device type.”

The cards show all the reservation and player information. By downloading them to their smartphones, they have a card to show the club and make the check-in process easier. The Reserva Club Sotogrande has been the first golf club to incorporate them, taking a further step towards high-quality service management, a virtue that distinguishes the club and is implemented in all its processes.

“The inclusion of wallet cards in our reservation processes with the inOne platform represents a quality leap in the processes of our relationship with our members and visitors. It allows us to be present on our clients’ mobile devices and advance the club’s omnichannel communications with our players,” says Óscar Checa, Cluster Golf Manager of La Reserva Club Sotogrande and Almenara Golf.

In the coming weeks, we will implement wallets in all golf courses of all our clients who use our online software for the daily management of their club’s marketing.

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