There are few perfect emails, and you send a lot of them. Make the most of them.

Every day we receive dozens of messages in our inbox, many are SPAM, others are commercial offers, and only a few are worthy of our attention.

No doubt, those messages that remind me that “tomorrow I am going to play golf” are one of those that we open with interest. According to our analysis, the automated messages sent by the golf courses that work with our inOne platform, and in which they inform their players that the next day they have a round of golf on their course; are opened 99.5% of the time, that is to say, they are perfect messages.

They are perfect because they do it in a nominal way, they are addressed directly to the customer, they contain an attractive subject, they are nice and well structured, they read well on their devices, they contain information appreciated by the receiver, including their tee time, their locator, or a link to download their reservation to their mobile, also depending on what the club decides it may contain how to get there or the weather for their game tomorrow. All good news for a day of fun playing their favourite sport.

It is undoubtedly an ideal opportunity to take advantage of this moment to tell our players more things. It is the right channel, and the best time to do it to count on their attention and predisposition.

Why not offer them to visit our restaurant by sending them a link to book a table? inOne will connect them to your table booking system.

It is definitely the best moment to remind them that we have the new clubs of their favourite brand in our proshop. inOne will include them in their message with a promotional image.

Maybe remind them that they can still sign up for our loyalty programme? It will only be sent to those who are not already members.

Why not invite them to play in the next Members tournament? Or if they are not, to get a Club membership.

Emails and mobile notifications are undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to carry out cross selling actions with our players, all of which can be done in a simple way with our platform. Take advantage of booking confirmation messages, “play tomorrow” reminders or “thank you for playing” to offer personalised products for each player.

If you want to know how we can easily implement this for your club, request a demo with our team here.


¡Hola escríbenos y le atenderemos!