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Torrequebrada golf crm inone

Torrequebrada Golf incorporates inOne as its CRM.

Our platform allows a homogeneous, stable and dynamic collection of player data, a marketing and automated communication solution to carry out email campaigns or advertising on Facebook, Instagram or Google, among others, which guarantees a personalized attention and a higher return on investment for the clubs. Our CRM, which now includes Golf Torrequebrada, will offer the club a differential value and will contribute to its dynamic marketing processes.

The pandemic, the commercial evolution in digital environments of golf courses and the inflation of bids for the most common keywords for golf in search engines have meant that many golf courses are looking to their databases as the first space to develop marketing actions and generate audiences of potential customers.

At inOne, we have brought together in a single platform all the tools necessary to create player databases, connecting everything from the simplest web forms, booking systems, social media content to paid media campaigns, generating automated marketing and communication campaigns.

Samuel del Val, our Head of Business Development, highlights the importance of knowing golfers and being able to address each of them in a personalised way, creating audiences with values to ensure the success of the communication. “Creating communications with a personalised ‘look and feel’ for each course, with the same graphic identity, addressed to each player by name and with the right message for each player, means that communications get more attention from players and a higher ROI for the club. Creating a database is a daily task that involves many departments within the club, and at inOne we have teams that specialise in each of the steps required to create them successfully,” he adds.

We are proud that clubs such as Golf Torrequebrada Golf incorporate inOne as their CRM, understanding the differential value of data management in a specific way away from mere reservations, which will undoubtedly contribute to the magnificent work that, under the direction of Ana Nyblom, the club has been developing in the development of dynamic marketing processes,” he says.

“In the coming weeks, we will have more news with connections to new data sources and integrations that will strengthen our position as a global marketing platform for golf courses,” says Samuel del Val.


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