La Cala Resort reaches one million personalized and automated emails with 99% effectiveness

With three different 18-hole courses, three restaurants, spa, pro shop, hotel, residential areas, and promotions… Communication management is a challenge for clubs like La Cala Resort.

Located on the Costa del Sol, La Cala Resort is a benchmark in the world of golf. The variety in its three courses, its wide range of gastronomy and leisure options, its constant social activity, and its commitment to personalized attention result in a continuous flow of information for its members and visitors.

As a result of this ongoing communication over the years, La Cala Resort has built an extensive Database with tens of thousands of contacts, from different sources, diverse languages, unique communication needs, and moments for each contact, leading to endless daily tasks. The use of a CRM, to create segmented audiences, and an email marketing tool to manage automated processes became the communication and marketing department’s goal. Aware of the advantages that emails offered as a personalized channel of relationship with the Resort’s members and visitors, they decided to maximize its potential.

After months of work and collaboration from various teams involved within the Club and inOne, with a well-defined roadmap from the beginning, La Cala Resort has established the foundations of an email marketing strategy that has made them a leader in personalized and automated communication with their players, visitors, and partners, managing to send over 1,000,000 emails during the last year, all directly and specifically tailored to each recipient, increasing their confidence, creating stable communication channels, and generating new direct marketing opportunities for their products. All thanks to email marketing.

At inOne, we are very proud to have collaborated with La Cala Resort in these processes through the integration of our platform, Xendby. With it, the club has been able to intuitively, quickly, and directly create highly effective and personalized email marketing campaigns, capturing the attention of their target audience and encouraging deeper interaction.

This interaction has been based on full email deliverability, with figures that have exceeded 99% of deliveries to recipients’ mailboxes, thanks to constant and automated cleansing of the Databases, as well as producing messages in native email formats like MJML.

This strategy does not end with the sending and receiving of messages. Thanks to the measurement tools provided by the inOne platform, La Cala Resort has a clear view of the performance of their email marketing campaigns. With precise data and detailed analysis, La Cala Resort’s marketing team can measure and optimize their strategy in real-time effectively, achieving above-average open rates and verifying the effectiveness of their messages.

Thanks to these processes and constant communication efforts, La Cala Resort has been able to boost its online sales and strengthen customer loyalty. The combination of La Cala Resort’s strategy and inOne’s marketing platform has produced exceptional results, further consolidating their position in the golf industry.

These steps are just the beginning of a shared and exciting journey that reflects the success of email marketing in golf organizations. Thanks to La Cala Resort’s dedication to providing exceptional experiences and the power of inOne as a leading marketing platform for golf clubs, we are confident that it will be a journey filled with success and great achievements.


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