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What’s Xendby?

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What’s Xendby?

Xendby allows you to stablish email marketing actions, always connected to your main database sources. Customise your emails with our multiple templates, stablish segmented campaigns based on the filters you created or those already applied at Golfmanager, make sure your emails are delivered successfully, maintain your web reputation, and create simple emails or emails with automated phases. Email phases allow you to, for example, forward an email automatically to those users who didn’t open it the first time. You can also send automated emails with booking confirmations or reminders, thank players for visiting your club and much more. All with sending dates and designs that can be completely customised to fit your needs.
Thanks to Xendby you can also obtain campaigns statistics to check which strategies worked best, what time ranges are better to send your emails, which topics are more interesting for certain users, etcetera. This way, you can optimise you mailing campaigns to achieve better results.

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