inOne and Scanbuy: Revolutionizing Golf with Smart QR Codes

Joining forces in an exciting partnership, inOne and Scanbuy are poised to unlock new possibilities in the world of golf. With the rapid digitization and e-commerce advancements, golf courses now have unique opportunities to enhance their services. Leveraging inOne’s innovative wallet cards for game reservations and event tickets, the integration of Scanbuy’s smart QR codes opens up a world of untapped potential.

QR codes have long served as communication windows between clubs and players, enabling real-time service enhancements on and off the golf course. Now, with the integration of Scanbuy’s cutting-edge QR technology, these opportunities multiply exponentially for each club. By combining the valuable data collected through inOne’s CRM with Scanbuy’s industry-leading expertise in e-commerce and customer engagement, golf clubs can seamlessly connect their players with a vast array of services. From accessing private areas to purchasing from the pro shop, reserving services, or securing agreements with third parties, all it takes is a simple scan of the new universal QR code.

“InOne’s CRM empowers clubs with deep insights into their customers, enabling the creation of personalized opportunities. Through Scanbuy’s expertise and the limitless capabilities of our Smart QR Codes platform, we can transform the golf ecosystem by seamlessly blending the physical and digital worlds,” said Jose Moreno, CEO of inOne.

David Gutiérrez, Chief Growth Officer at Scanbuy, added, “The golf sector provides a compelling example of how we can unite the physical and digital realms to create innovative applications. With our Smart QR Codes platform, we offer clubs unparalleled access to this convergence. Thanks to this groundbreaking agreement in the golf industry, each club can harness the power of these tools to generate real-time, individualized experiences for their players. Our QR codes are the perfect tool for clubs to unlock these possibilities, offering unique and tailored experiences to each individual player in real-time—an exciting concept we call Phygital”.

In the coming weeks, inOne and Scanbuy will be making presentations to leading golf courses in Spain, Portugal, and the US, showcasing the immense advantages these new functionalities bring to the sector.


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