Añoreta Resort & Golf integrates inOne for comprehensive CRM management

In its ongoing process improvement efforts, Añoreta Resort has adopted the tools provided by the inOne platform to manage its contacts and automate its email marketing processes. This implementation extends across both its golf club and its hospitality offerings, including the renowned Bendita Katalina restaurant. The result is a unified global CRM system that facilitates cross-selling initiatives among its diverse business units.

Through the integration of inOne with imaster.golf, Añoreta Resort has seamlessly integrated the full spectrum of features offered by the golf-specific marketing platform, inOne, into its communication workflows. This encompasses everything from reservation confirmations, cancellations, and loyalty-building endeavors via email marketing targeted at golf players, all underpinned by the intelligence-driven capabilities inherent to inOne. Furthermore, new functionalities will emerge from the synergistic interaction between the data repositories sourced from the MasterYield PMS and the CoverManager reservation software.

Situated along the Mediterranean Sea, Añoreta Resort stands as a fully revitalized proposition, combining the essence of a Resort & Golf experience within the heart of Axarquía-Costa del Sol. It promises an unparalleled fusion of quality golf, accommodation, and dining, all set in an exceptional environment for ultimate comfort and enjoyment. We take immense pride in welcoming inOne, the smart marketing platform for clubs, into the Añoreta family.


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